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About KTS PhotoMemories

Welcome to the KTS PhotoMemories web site. I want to personally say thank you for visiting.

A survey was once taken where the question was asked "If your house was burning down what possessions would you save?". The vast majority of people responded that they would save their pictures and photo albums. Memories are one of the most precious things we cherish. Photos help us retain those memorable moments long after the day is gone. That's what this site is about, and that's why I named it KTS PhotoMemories. KTS was derived from my three children's first initials. When we pull out the photo albums which capture their lives so many fond memories return for our enjoyment. I hope you enjoy the photos you find on this site. I grew up in a very sports-oriented family. My dad played sports and raised me with the same love. All of my kids played sports through high-school and two of them played in college. That's why you find so many sports events recorded here. But sports photos are not all I do. I am now doing portraits; senior portraits for inclusion in graduation invitations as well as children's portraits. Some of those photos are on this website. Check it out, and hopefully you'll find a picture of someone you know.

If you are interested in a portrait appointment, team photos or scheduling a sports shoot, please drop me an email and I will be glad to send you information about these services.

Mike O'Donnell


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